Shopify Advanced App

We’re excited to announce the imminent release of our all-new app for Shopify.

New from the ground up, this version features:

  • Real-time shipping
  • Advanced Smart Pack package optimisation – automatically provides the best packing solution based on cart items and packaging available
  • Highly configurable pricing rules based on customer location, cart items and value
  • Compatibility with Shopify Retail POS

Getting Ready for Advanced

To use real-time shipping, you need to have carrier-calculated shipping added to your plan (it comes with the ‘Shopify Advanced’ plans and over, but costs another $20/month for ‘Shopify Basic’ and ‘Shopify’ plans)

Not all pricing packages come with the ‘Carrier API’ access needed for real-time shipping, so if you aren’t on the ‘Shopify Advanced’ plan or higher, get in touch with the Shopify guru team by phone, chat or email – go to

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