Prestashop Module

The Prestashop Shipping Module Add-On from Smart Send gives you real-time shipping quotes in your shopping cart.


Latest version: 1.2.0


Simply unzip the downloaded zip file in to the modules directory.


Go to modules/smartsendshipping/configure

Prestashop Module Configuration


First up you’re going to need to enter your Smart Send VIP account credentials. If you don’t have an account yet, go to Alternatively, email and we can set you up with a test account.

Prestashop - VIP credentials

Pickup Information

This makes up the ‘from’ part of the shipping quote calculation – we just need the suburb and town.

Prestashop - Pickup details

In addition, in the ‘Tail Lift at Pickup’ field, you can enter an amount in kilograms; if any items in the cart are over this weight, the quote will allow for a tail-lift truck to collect the shipment.

Package Options

Prestashop Package Options

For shipping calculations, you need to set product weight and dimensions. If you configure Package Options calculations will default to those details if the item has no dimensions or weight.

Delivery Options

These options control how the package is delivered and what charges are applied.

Prestashop - delivery options

Handling Type / Handling Fee allows you to add an additional amount to the shipping price – either a flat amount or as a percentage of the cart total.

Transport Assurance will cover the shipment against loss. You can specify a minimum amount (cart total) at which this will apply.

Receipted delivery will ensure that the recipient signs for the item.

Tail Lift Delivery, is set to ‘yes’, will specify a tail-lift delivery vehicle if any items are over 30kg.



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