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In order to fully enable both real-time shipping quotes and in-dashboard / automatic fulfillment, you must correctly enter several settings in the Smart Send Shipping options page. If you’re upgrading from the Smart Send 1.x version, the settings relating to real-time shipping quotes should already be correctly set.

New Options: Walk-through Video

There are, however, some new settings that relate to shipping ‘fulfillment’ – finalising shipping on an order.

VIP credentials

Options - VIP credentials
VIP credential settings. Click image to enlarge

For the plugin to work, you need to enter the VIP username and password provided to you. If you don’t have them yet, sign up for a VIP account here.

Displaying Results

You can specify what shipping quotes your customers will see at checkout; fastest, cheapest or all of the quotes we return.

Show results returned
Set a preference for number of results to show.

Weight Units

Because we calculate shipping in kilograms, we have to know if your products are entered as grams or kg.

Weight Units dropdown
Specify grams or kilograms

Company/Pickup Details

We need to know who you are, where you are and who to talk to if needs be. If you aren’t a company, you don’t need to fill in ‘Company Name’

Company and p[ckup details



You can set the plugin to automatically trigger ‘fulfillment’ (ie finalise shipping) when an order is paid for.

Checkbox for auto-fulfillment


Pickup Window

Specify your preferred window for the courier to collect your packages.

Pickup Window dropdown



Package Type

When quoting, we specify a package type or shipping class for each product. You can set a standard one within the options screen, or you can specify them for each product individually.

Package or shipping classes

See this page for how to specify the class within the product itself.

Handling Fees

You have the option of adding a handling fee to shipping costs, on top of the quoted figures returned. This can applied as a flat rate for every order, or a percentage of the car total.

Handling fee options


Transport Assurance

Insurance can be added to the shipping quotes, either always on, always off or left to the customer’s discretion. If you specify a ‘minimum’ then assurance will never be added to quotes at or below that amount.

transport assurance options

Assurance is calculated on the wholesale cost of the items in the cart (if known) Instructions for entering this field (which has been added by Smart Send for this purpose) are here.

Tail-Lift – Pickup

For heavier items, you might require that the courier provide a ‘tail-lift’ truck when collecting the items.

If that’s the case, simply specify how heavy an item has to be before that will be requested.

Tail-lift Pickup option

The Recipient

The final two options are Recipient Notification and Tail-lift Delivery.

If Recipient Notification is checked, then when the item is booked for delivery, we will send the recipient an email with a status update and tracking number.

Recipient notification and tail-lift delivery

Check the Tail-lift Delivery box if you wish to make available the option for the customer to request a tail-lift delivery vehicle.


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